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Company Profile

In the threshold of the new century, we build consequently the vision of INTERFORMA which is focused in creations that reflect the design innovation in combination with the multidimensional services of support.

With motive force our collaborators, the robust infrastructure, the gravity and the qualitative work, we place new prospects and foundations for a continuing ascendant growth.


Historical way

The Interforma made her first steps in Italy in 1981 achieving the creative concerns of her founder – architect and interior designer - Panagiotis Anastasiou -.

Her course in Greece is delimited from 1989, since it applies a scenografic philosophy of high aesthetics, adorning boats of companies such as Strintzis Lines, Anek Lines and Agoudimos, as well as the Egnatia Bank and as is proved, based on economic elements, is spectacularly ascendant.

From the beginning and up to today, it applied a dynamic resultant of administration that is analyzed in the convenient completion of undertaken work, with strict follow-up of budget, the quality and the faith observation of all specifications of manufacture, with reciprocal confidence with her customers, consolidating thus with systematic steps her enterprising activities.

The success of the company is served with the administrative independence, the enterprising organisation, viable and efficient operation and the spirit of collaboration.

The innovative design applications, the Services of high quality as well as the continuous growth of the human potential, Group INTERFORMA make real  her Vision with respect and responsibility towards her customers.


Strategy of know-how - Services of benefit

From the beginning of our operation, our supremacy was based on our faculty to distinguish new occasions through the use of the most evolved technologies.

It is always in front of the assimilation and application of new methods of manufacture, aiming at the improvement of quality and effectiveness, aiming in the cover of our  cliental requirements, with regularly pioneer spirit.

The upgraded know-how was acquired through systematic steps of her enterprising activities and by a wide spectrum of successfully completed work extracting the confidence of big multinational companies such as Astra-Zeneca, Novartis, GSK, Jonhson & Johnson, Parquet-Davis, Pfizer, Pharmaserv Lilly, UCB, American Computers, Creation, Genesis, O.P.M. Boehringer Ingelheim, Schering Plough, Data Ware, Digital, and lately in May of 2006 the German automobile VW with the world exclusive presentation of her last model of EOS as well as enough other.

The services that are provided by the Group are Exhibition and Congress Architectural, Special manufactures and the Settings, offering a complete presence in the Congress and Exhibition sector, as well as in the wider Enterprising.

Company INTERFORMA from her first steps has contracted long-lasting contracts with the bigger pharmaceutical companies of the business, where with their continuous renewal, in the manufacture of congress kiosks it has been fairly established as their basic collaborator.

Simultaneously it has undertaken with success the organisation of world Congresses, such as the World Nephrology Congress covering about 4.500 sq.m.,  ESMOS covering about 4.500 sq.m EFORT covering about 2.500 sq.m. E.C.O. covering about 2.000 sq.m ., I.S.B.T. covering about 2.000 sq.m . E.F.N.S. covering about 2.500 sq.m, (EANM 2006) Annual Congress of the European association of the nuclear medicine, Athens 2006 (2.500 m2), (ENEA) 12th Meeting of the European NeuroEndocrine Association – Athens 2006 – (2.000m2), (ERCA) 2ND European Respiratory  Care Association Congress Athens 2006 (1.500 m2),(ESCRS) 11th Winter Refractive Surgery Meeting – Athens 2007- (1.500m2),and many others.

During  2006 - 2007 there have been scheduled and carried out world medical congresses with INTERFORMA constituting once more the exclusive constructor. (SECEC-ESSE 2006, ERCA Athens 2006, EANM 2006, ENEA 2006 , ECRS 2007, IGS 2007, ESCRM 2007 IGS 2007).

In the exhibition Sector, her solidified presence offered complete dynamic solutions with the concretisation of special manufactures to the exhibitors that entrusted her for the promotion of their corporate image, in leading international meetings, granting  important discriminations such as in Cebit 2002, Imfosystem 2002 and Agrotica 2003.

The company allocates an autonomous factorial storage space, with completed transport services, composed from the most experienced craftsmen in all the manufacture levels.

At the same time, a new annex of INTERFORMA was created in Germany in 2001, aiming at the promotion not only Greek but also international companies in the exhibits which are organised mainly in Germany.

In 2004 - 2007 the cooperation of Interforma Group with Choose Greece company, department of the advertising group CARAMEL began, aiming at the promotion of Greek tourism, under the Aegis of Ministry of Tourism . These Kiosks, in the form of mobile exhibitions covering 20- 70 sq.m. toured seven (7) central railway stations in Germany(Frankfurt, Stuttgart ,Munich e.t.c) and in 3 major International Airports, Salzburg, Vienna and Zurich of Austria, presenting Greek tourism services and various popular tourism destinations to daily passing by visitors.  Each of these stations and airports were used as an ideal positioning for the tourism exhibitions directly addressing the visitors over a period of 6 months in total ( about 1 month per station).

In  September of 2006  a branch of Interforma was created in Belgrade - Serbia, as  major  contracts have been developed, representing by promoting their corporate image, big pharmaceutical companies there, such as Pfizer, Merck, Habitpharm.

We transmit our know-how via our figurative creations that in combination with the electronic drawing and the growth of graphic, reflect the force of our enterprise, creating "value" which we share with the customers,  our partners and our suppliers.



We keep on our engagements and act with honesty towards our customers, having as protractor our integrity in individual and collective level.

All the personnel share the values of the enterprise which elect themselves daily through the directions and objectives that are summarised:

  • We forecast and satisfy the needs and wishes of our customers with professionalism, offering always high quality of constructional benefits and services.
  • We keep an open channel of communication with the customer, so that we realise the qualitative characteristics and the picture of our Company towards the customer.
  • We maintain good relations of collaboration with the suppliers and the rest of our collaborators so that, a cultivated climate of reciprocity and confidence that helps in the achievement of our objectives, is formed.

Up to today her dynamic course has proved that she has stood worthy her objectives.

This fact commits her even more so that it does not rely on and to permanently prepare the foundations for the new developments that will be presented in the direct future.


Philosophy - Mission

From her foundation up to today, the Interforma has maintained a course of continuous growth, remaining faith in her mission that is to exceed the expectations of her customers.

We seek in long-lasting collaborations, communicate with  our customers and correspond immediately in their needs, respecting our engagements.

Walking to the future, we remain at the top, setting higher objectives, which we incorporate in our enterprising plans.






Contact Information


Factory & Offices
Vas. Paulou 216, GR-19004 Spata
Telephone: 0030 210 6028024




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